Case Study: Perennial Tea Garden

Above are some details provided for a client as part of a design for their property – a largely densely wooded property in Georgia. The focus regions for this design were the forest garden, perennial tea garden, and a sloped area to the south of the main vegetable beds area. 

This is a portion of the materials submitted to the client as part of the final design for this part of their plan. It shows layout and planting for a perennial tea garden, with a range of culinary and medicinal plants, and other plants that are used for teas.

This space is ideal for the creation of this type of garden, where plants can be harvested throughout the year to ensure good health. It will also draw in plenty of pollinators and other beneficial insects, the improve biodiversity on the property as a whole. This complemented a forest garden scheme and another area of perennial plants in other parts of the property.

This is just one quick example to show one idea of how these herbs and other plants can be included in a garden. If you would like to create a perennial garden where you live, please do get in touch.

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