The Cycle of Good Health

One thing that I thought it would be good to talk about more is the cycle of good health that ties us to the natural world around us. Sometimes, it is the simplest facts which are overlooked. And here is one of the simplest:

  • Healthy soil grows healthy plants.
  • Healthy people eat healthy plants.
  • Healthy people build healthy soil, growing healthy plants and completing the cycle.

This might sound very obvious. But it surprising to me how many people miss the fact that healthy humans need healthy plants, which need healthy soil. It all comes back to the soil. And of course, other animals also rely on the healthy of the soil and the plants it grows. If you eat meat, that is just another step in the cycle.

Living soil provides us with all the minerals and nutrients that we need to absorb from our food. Though all too often we focus on plants providing these things and forget about where they came from in the first place.

So if you feel the need to be more healthy, look to the soil. If you take care of it then it will be able to continue to play an important role in taking care of you. Remember, living soil is far more than just dirt.

And I might also add, your mental health will likely be much improved when you forge a closer connection to the natural world around you. If you would like more help to take care of your own health, and the health of the soil on which you depend, please do get in touch. I would be glad to discuss how I can help you through my design or consultancy work.

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