5 Spring DIY Projects For the Kitchen Garden

There is plenty to be getting on with in the garden as spring arrives. Sometimes, as spring rushes in, it can be a little overwhelming. But whether you are already a keen gardener, or are starting an organic garden for the first time, a DIY project can focus the mind ready for spring planting.

I’ve spoken before about the importance to getting a composting system and a rainwater harvesting system in place. And of course key jobs this month will often include plenty of sowing and planting. But beyond these basics, here are 5 other great spring DIY projects for the garden to consider:

  • Create new bed or border edging to give your garden a new look, or when making new raised beds. Remember, you don’t need to buy anything in for this project. Often, you can use natural materials already on site – or reclaimed materials that might otherwise be thrown away. (The photo above is a small section wattle fence edging in my forest garden, but it would work very well in a kitchen garden too.)
  • Make a new path in your garden. One simple idea is to use wood chip. But you could also consider a wide range of other artistic options – from reclaimed bricks laid in interesting patterns, to quirky and colourful mosaics of rubbish, broken tiles etc..
  • Make yourself a row cover, cloche or cold frame for seedlings, and to extend your growing season. (Use pliable branches pruned from garden trees, reclaimed timber, or reclaimed plumbing pipe to make a frame, for example.)
  • Build your own supports for plants you plan to grow this year. These can be as simple as branching twigs that you can pop in beds or growing areas for peas to climb – or far more sophisticated trellises, frames or arches. Again, consider natural or reclaimed resources before buying anything new.
  • Upcycle old barrels, bins, buckets and more to use as containers. Containers are not just for tiny spaces, they can also be used to fill corners and make the most of every inch of space in a larger kitchen garden. They can be used to add plants for pollinators, for example, which will help in ensuring your plants set fruit well later in the year.

This is just a quick round up. But perhaps it will inspire you to get on with some DIY jobs in your own garden.

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