Garden Plans for the Weekend

What are you doing in your garden this weekend? It is good to have some kind of a plan in place – jobs you’d like to get round to – even if things do not quite turn out as planned. Of course, the garden jobs this week will depend very much on where you live. But perhaps my plans for the weekend might lead you to think about something that needs to be done.

March has very nearly arrived. And March is a busy time in the garden where I live – as things begin the transition from winter to spring. Most outdoors planting will not happen for another month or so here, but I have jobs to do before the main planting season begins.

One job I will be doing outside if the weather remains fine is chipping all the woody material I created during last week’s pruning session, and adding that material to refresh paths in the forest garden.

I will also be chopping and dropping some of the vegetative and dead growth that has remained over the winter months in the forest garden – I left things like nettle stalks and hogweed stems standing in places for the wildlife – and now is the time to let those fall and clear out all that debris that I left in peace over the winter.

And it is definitely not too early for me to get sowing in the polytunnel – in fact, I have already begun the process of taking some cool season crops grown indoors out into the polytunnel, and that will continue this weekend. The fava beans (broad beans) and peas need some companions, for example. I’ll be pricking out some lettuce seedlings and some other leafy greens, and putting them into the polytunnel beds (with some extra cloche protection to keep them safe from cold snaps, and mice and voles). I may well direct sow some other things out there too.

Whether spring has arrived, or winter is still in full swing where you live, I hope you too will get out into your garden this weekend.

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