Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you are celebrating with a loved one, or spending time alone – I hope you are having a good day. My husband and I have had a quiet day. We went down to the local farm shop and have had a lovely meal. Other than that, we’ve just spent a little time in the polytunnel, and been watching the snow melt as temperatures rise here. And we’ve sowed a few more seeds indoors to plant out into the polytunnel when the weather warms.

Whatever you have been up to today, it is worthwhile remembering that warming weather is just around the corner. Could it be time to plan for your garden? Is this a good time to sow some seeds where you live, or to get some potatoes chitting? Brighter days are just around the corner.

Just a quick one today as we’ve relaxing and having some rare time off from our work and our barn conversion, and just spending some quality time together. But I hope everyone else is also having a relaxing day, and looking forward to spring.

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