Making Mistakes When Growing Your Own

When we first got rescue chickens, I made the mistake of underestimating just how voracious these creatures can be, and how much damage they can do to a garden in a very short time! But now, we have found much better balance…

Many people are growing their own this year for the first time. So I wanted to take a moment to talk about making mistakes. Of course, making mistakes is something we all do. On the road of sustainability, it is important not to become discouraged when things go wrong.

This list of the 30 most common mistakes people make in their vegetable gardens should help you avoid many of the common pitfalls. 

And here are here are 20 common composting mistakes to avoid.

Over time, simply learning your own garden, and discovering more about plants and the natural world will help you improve your techniques and increase yield.

But it is important to remember that making mistakes is not the end of the world. You are sure to have some failures as well as some successes in your garden. How we react when we make mistakes is crucial.

In growing your own, as in all areas of sustainability, learning from your mistakes and failures is so important. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t give up. Simply take some steps to understand what went wrong. Then give it another go.

Permaculture principles like using small and slow solutions, and using and valuing diversity (not putting all of your eggs in one basket) can help make sure that you can more easily pick yourself up and carry on.

The things that go wrong in your garden won’t always be due to something you did. In the wild world, there are of course plenty of things that are outside our control. But by working with nature, and gardening organically, we can manage natural processes to meet many of our needs more successfully.

It is important to remember that no matter how experienced you are in gardening, making mistakes when growing your own is always going to be part of the picture. Accepting that fact is an important step of growing – as an individual as well as in your garden.

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