The Importance of Seasonal Eating

Growing your own is obviously a great way to eat more sustainably. But most of us will not be able to grow all of our own food. We are really lucky here, because we are able to grow quite lot in our polytunnel and polyculture vegetable beds, and of course in our forest garden.

But we do also buy food from local growers and producers. (Thanks to Bowhouse, Ardross Farm shop and Scotland the Bread, we are able to eat food that is almost exclusively from within a 50 mile or so radius of where we live.)

Eating locally produced and home-grown food means that we are much more tuned in to the seasons. Unfortunately, however, many are still disconnected from nature’s cycles. So let’s take a moment to talk about the importance of seasonal eating.

The expectation that we can have any fruits, vegetables and other produce whenever we want them is a huge problem. Demanding produce out of season means that it must be grown in plastic polytunnels in vast seas of plastic in Spain, or imported from the other side of the globe.

By choosing food from local, organic producers, and you can play a role in halting the exploitation of people and excessive consumption of non-renewable energy and resources. 

What is more, many non-seasonal products are preserved in ways which deplete their nutritional value, or even which involve preservatives that may have a negative impact on human health. Local, seasonal food will often be higher in nutrients, since the time from farm to fork is reduced. Seasonal foods often taste better too.

Make it a priority to learn more about what is in season during each month of the year. Getting more in tune with seasonal food production in your area can help you develop your own garden, and/or help you support farmers and growers wherever you live.

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