Nitrogen Fixing Plants in My Garden

Laburnum in bloom – a nitrogen fixing tree.

Nitrogen fixing plants play important roles in a permaculture garden. Certain plants form symbiotic relationships with beneficial bacteria in their roots. These plants help to maintain a natural balance in your garden.

For a green and eco-friendly garden, synthetic nitrogen fertilisers are never the answer. Nitrogen fixing plants are an important part of organic gardening practice. When in growth in your garden, and when used in organic mulches and nitrogen-rich liquid feeds, these plants can help you garden in a more sustainable way.

Nitrogen fixing trees play a vital role in restoring degraded land, and can serve as a source of vegetative material to feed other parts of a garden. In one part of my garden, this laburnum serves this function.

In the forest garden, where fruit trees form the canopy layer, nitrogen fixing shrubs provide material to chop and drop, and to add to the composting system. Here are two examples of Elaeagnus ssp. that I use.

Elaeagnus umbellata in the foreground of this image.
Cow parsley growing up through Elaeagnus multiflora.

Ground cover plants like clover also add nitrogen to the system.

White clover

While in the polytunnel, broad beans, French beans, runner beans and peas help to replenish the nitrogen taken from the soil by hungry annual plants.

Broad beans

Check out the link above and you will find plenty of other examples of nitrogen fixing plants that you can consider incorporating in your own garden. Finding the right nitrogen fixing plants for where you live is a big part of creating a sustainable permaculture garden. If you need help with choosing nitrogen fixers for your garden design, please do get in touch.

I offer consultancy services to help you with plant lists and other information to allow you to plan a garden specific to where you live. I can also help by creating a full garden design, which will show you how to incorporate nitrogen fixers and other plants to create a thriving, abundant, productive and beautiful garden wherever you live.

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