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What Are Nematodes?

Delving deeper into soil ecology can be a good move for an organic gardener. The more we know about our soil and what it contains, the better placed we will be to manage our gardens in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. One important soil dweller is one that many gardeners know nothing about. Nematodes areContinue reading “What Are Nematodes?”

Case Study: Losing the Lawn To Create a More Abundant, Productive Garden

In this case study, I want to share with you part of a design I created for one homeowner who wanted to overhaul her long, lawn-covered garden. It is designed to provide a restful and reasonably low maintenance space, which can be enjoyed by the family, and yet will allow for plenty of food production. Continue reading “Case Study: Losing the Lawn To Create a More Abundant, Productive Garden”

Midsummer Garden

Yesterday was a beautiful midsummer day. After a long country walk, I spent plenty of time keeping on top of things in the garden. Midsummer is a time of abundance – plenty of things are already being harvested, and everything seems so lush and green. Leafy greens – kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, etc. have beenContinue reading “Midsummer Garden”

Case Study: Conceptual Permaculture Design

Permaculture design usually begins with observation of a particular site. Occasionally, however, it can begin with conceptual design. The image above shows a plan developed for a client who wanted a concept plan for a permaculture retreat somewhere in northern Italy. Unusually, the client has not yet found land for the project. But wanted conceptualContinue reading “Case Study: Conceptual Permaculture Design”

Sustainability is For Everyone – No One Left Behind

Sustainability and the environmental movement are spheres that are often perceived as far too white and far too middle class. As a white woman, living in a relatively enlightened and developed nation, I know I am privileged in many ways. I am acutely aware of the challenges in making sure that sustainability is not excludingContinue reading “Sustainability is For Everyone – No One Left Behind”

Steps Toward Sustainability You Might Not Have Considered

There are plenty of small steps we can all take a live a more sustainable way of life. Of course, growing and eating sustainably, and refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling are all very important. But there are also other ways to live more sustainably. And some of them are things you might not yetContinue reading “Steps Toward Sustainability You Might Not Have Considered”

Marvellous Moss

Mosses are very common in humid temperate climates. But many look past these incredibly useful and fascinating plants. Moss is considered by some to be an unwanted addition to a garden or outside space. But here, we actively embrace it. As well as seeing some on mature trees, we also see plenty on stones andContinue reading “Marvellous Moss”

Plastic Free Kitchen

Food packaging generally accounts for most of the plastic waste generated in most households, so the kitchen seems like a good place to begin. Reduce Plastic Packaging Reduce packaged food consumption by growing at least some of your own food. Buy unpackaged, local, organic produce wherever possible. Farm shops, wholesalers, local veg. box schemes.  TakeContinue reading “Plastic Free Kitchen”

Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy is Not All About PV Panels

One day, you might be thinking, you’ll have the money to invest in photo-voltaic solar panels for your home. Many people want to start generating electricity renewably at home. But of course, this can be expensive. While you save up for this sustainable solution, it is worthwhile remembering that making the most of solar energyContinue reading “Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy is Not All About PV Panels”

Nitrogen Fixing Plants in My Garden

Nitrogen fixing plants play important roles in a permaculture garden. Certain plants form symbiotic relationships with beneficial bacteria in their roots. These plants help to maintain a natural balance in your garden. For a green and eco-friendly garden, synthetic nitrogen fertilisers are never the answer. Nitrogen fixing plants are an important part of organic gardeningContinue reading “Nitrogen Fixing Plants in My Garden”

Grow Food More Easily – Don’t Fall For Low-Maintenance Myths

Even if you are not the most green-fingered person, you can grow your own. If you have a full time job and a busy life, you might think you don’t have time for a garden. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can create a low-maintenance forest garden that requires only minimal time commitment.Continue reading “Grow Food More Easily – Don’t Fall For Low-Maintenance Myths”

To Build Sustainability, Build Personal Resilience

On the road to sustainability, it is always important to remember that change comes first from within. As we work to create more sustainable lives, we all need to begin with ourselves. Finding ways to build personal resilience is key. By personal resilience, I mean both our ability to ‘bounce back’ emotionally when things goContinue reading “To Build Sustainability, Build Personal Resilience”

The Spring Harvest – What We’re Eating This Month

To inspire others to take their own home-growing further, every now and then, I would like to share some of what we’re eating from our own permaculture garden here in Scotland. So here are some highlights of the May harvest: Spring Harvest From the Veg Beds and Polytunnel: Lettuce (Various types) Perpetual Spinach Chard PakContinue reading “The Spring Harvest – What We’re Eating This Month”

The Plastic Pollution You Didn’t Know You Were Creating

Most of us are no doubt aware of the problems with plastic. Many are now trying to reduce their plastic use. Those interested in tackling plastic pollution are always trying to move away from disposable plastics wherever possible, and thinking twice before buying any new plastic items.  It is a great idea to carry reusableContinue reading “The Plastic Pollution You Didn’t Know You Were Creating”

Reduce Plastic Use – Make Your Own Biodegradable Plant Pots

Plastic waste is a major problem. Most of us are now aware of the massive ocean gyres… the dangers to wildlife… the huge landfill sites filled with non-compostable waste. Gardening is a great way to become more sustainable in your daily life. But gardening traditionally involves using a lot of plastic. Fortunately, there are plentyContinue reading “Reduce Plastic Use – Make Your Own Biodegradable Plant Pots”

Coronavirus Discounts

During this Coronavirus crisis, it is vital to remember that we are facing two crises, not just one. The climate crisis has not gone away. Now, it is more vitally important than ever that we keep sustainability and sustainable food production on everyone’s minds, and high on the agenda. Since the start of this crisis,Continue reading “Coronavirus Discounts”

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