Turning On A Tap

Today we were able to turn on a tap in the bathroom in the barn conversion for the first time, since my husband finished installing the fittings and connecting the bath waste. So we have running water in there for the first time in this self-build conversion. There is not yet any hot water, since the Rayburn that will heat the water is not fired up properly. But psychologically, being able to turn on a tap in there is a very pleasing thing.

This makes me think about how much we take for granted in the developed world. So many of us have access to fresh water every day, and we can forget what a precious thing it is. Of course, we have fresh water here in the house, which comes from a spring on a neighbours property a couple of miles away and feeds us and five or six other houses. But we cannot take it for granted especially since we are not on a mains supply. Fortunately, we live in an area where drought is not common.

Of course we harvest rainwater for the garden, and plan to do more with rainwater in the future. We also take steps to conserve water, of course – something we should all do even when water seems abundant.

We should never forget just how lucky we are, especially when it comes to the things like fresh water that literally make our lives possible.

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